Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Paper quilling my fav one....

Cherry blossom (inspired by
Pink flowers are eccentric quilling ,complete instructions in above site.

 Self made frame with quilled flowers(got idea of frame by loved the idea of making self hand made paper caton fram because its very cost effective and also that its difficult to find perfect frame for your quilled work.
 Again self made frame with husked flowers and multi colour strips(learnt from is a technic where you can use your cork board and pins and a design template.You can get instructions through youtube.
 Quilled greeting cards

Royal flower on a candle stand(Diwali gift).Royal flower is made of husked flower,again I got the instructions through google.
Its just so amazing that one can make super creations with few paper strips and patience.I love the way paper can be used to make amazing designs..
I made this Ganesha for our car..Its a car hanger.
It is called 3 D quilling..
Have to do more...

few of my previous takes on quilling...this is how I started liking this art....
One of my first quilling experiences.
I was a beginner while doing the above fish and peacock...I got the designs thru google..thought of trying it.


  1. Such amazing work. Really really beautiful.

  2. WOW!!! Fish and peacock looks gorgeous! Great work!!!

  3. You quil like a professional. Very nice work.

  4. Thank you soo much..happy to receive comments from such great quillers

  5. Lovely work!!!! I know this needs a lot of patience!

  6. ur work is amazing!


  7. Hi Smitha,
    I love your work. I liked the idea of DIY paper frames. I will definitely try this for my quilling projects. I have recently started quilling. PLease visit my blog and let me know how you like it. Your feedback/suggestion would help me improve my skills.



Thanks for appreciating my work..!