Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dahlia flower tutorial

I am so excited to present my first ever picture tutorial.
I got inspired my many paper crafters and tried my hand on punch and got this result and I am happy to get good feedback.Many of them asked how many punches u have used ?I said only one and now you will know how...

Pic 1:
You need a daisy punch(small),a pair of scissors,tweezers,color paper,a needle tool,a mousepad  and a round cut paper (same color-4cm diameter)
Punch out about 12 flowers.Cut each of the petals  of 11 flowers as shown in pics.
Pic 2:
Shade the 12th flower as you wish(glitter pen) and keep aside.
Then using a mouse pad and needle tool ,just press once in the middle of each petal.
Then apply glue around the circle and place the petals one by one.You can see first layer complete in the pic.

Pic 3:
Follow the same procedure for next two layers(as shown in pic).
Press each petal of the top layer daisy too.
Last step is glue this daisy and pearl in the center.

So here is the dahlia!!Hope will enjoy making it as I did.Thanks for visiting!!Do drop your feedback !!


  1. hi ,

    well explained , very clear and good pics . waiting for more tutorials ...!!!!

  2. This is soo beautiful!! so awesome!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. This is soooo pretty.. Thanks a lot for the tutorial!! I am surely gonna try this out.. :)

    - Shruti

  4. Thanks all..I am glad it shall help you all...and thanks for encouraging words!!

  5. very pretty.and who could have imagined a gorgeous dahlia with this punch.thanks for sharing

  6. Its a beautiful flower.Thanks for sharing !


Thanks for appreciating my work..!