Monday, September 24, 2012

100th post and This used to be....

Hi Blog friends,

I am happy to post my 100th post..
This post is dedicated to recycling..
This used to be a bottle,an egg,a wooden block...
Yes this is my entry to This is used to be challenge of LULUPU.

I was super excited about  this idea and thought I would it on my 100th post..:)

I have used a water bottle which I have cut into half and covered it with vellum papers.

Then as you can see this picture I had these wooden blocks which come along with canvas,so thought of using them.

I happened to watch a video on Youtube abt eggshell mosaic and I loved my third recycled item is egg shell(seen above).I did mosaic technique on wooden blocks using egg shell and glass painting colors.
Process:(little messy)

And the end result is a pen stand for my craft studio..

                                                  a closer look at mosaic

Another entry is on behalf of my 6 yr old son..who also loves to craft...this was fully his idea..
He collects lots of haselnut on the way to school and he had a bag full of them and he wanted to make snowman out of it(brown one) he attached one with cap and one without cap and asked me to put googly eyes to here goes his entry..cute little brown snowman

 It looked so before  :)
I hope you all like it..Thanks for visiting my blog


  1. Congratulations on your 100 post ! I simply loved your recycled pen stand..The egg shell mosaic looks fabulous !

  2. Amazing idea!! And Congrats on your 100th post!

  3. My best wishes to you smita. BTW it is a cool recycled art

  4. Oh my my I loved that mosaic look . Never tried it. The pen stand looks so cute. Congratulations !!

  5. Such a beautiful project. Love your pen stand.

  6. such a cute project and i really liked what your son made!

    thansk for joining the fun at Lulupu Monthly Challenge!

  7. Thanks Sonia,Suganthi and Karuna..:)

  8. The mosaic is awesome!! And I lovve the transformation from the bottle to the pen stand.. Great work!!

    Thanks for playing along at Lulupu.. :)


Thanks for appreciating my work..!