Sunday, October 21, 2012

Thank you

This post is dedicated to all my blog followers..
I am soo thankful to all of you fellow bloggers who found my blog interesting and are here to give me encouragement in every step...I am really happy to have crossed 50 followers..and ofcourse its  time for celebration..but I will wait for another 50 and then we will surely celebrate the occasion with challenge and prizes..
Your comments are very important to me so keep stopping by and leave comments if you like my work..
Thank you all once again!!


  1. congratulations smita on crossing 50 and looking forward to 100.

  2. Congrats Smita. Wish you many more fans. I am already a big fan of you.

  3. Hi Smita
    Thanks for joining the Lulupu 100 blog follwers Candy!
    However please check that the badge doesnt go back to our blog page :( Kindly correct the code and pick it from the Giveaway post! we would want you to have a chance to win by doing so


Thanks for appreciating my work..!