Thursday, February 7, 2013

Easter Bunny card

Hi Friends,

I love making cards but I always ask a question to myself whenever I start a new card project..that..why have people stopped sending cards and giving cards now a days..I feel so good to give a handmade card to friends/family and kids on their special day...and love when my loved ones give me cards too...:-).
Would love to hear your view on this..

So here is a card totally inspired by Kristina werner's tutorial..
Lots of things into this card:First of all I have used vellum and stamped the sentiment on it.Then stamped the bamboo leaves on half of the card.Decorated the edges with scallop and plain card stock.Added pattern paper on other part or card and also behind the vellum.Then added my fav part..a quilled bunny eating carrot.
Hope you like it..
Entering it to Itsy Bitsy-Pattern paper

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  1. I loved this card Smita .The bunny is very cute and loved the vellum and stamp on it,the bamboo leaves look beautiful too !
    I too like to send cards and receive them.Its very satisfying to see the smile of person receiving it and more when they like the handmade card !

  2. wow! so lovely bunny !! and your card is very pretty !

  3. Quilled bunny and carrot is awesome smitha and I make a lot of cards and give away to my friends and relatives. There is a lot of happiness in giving and receiving... :)

  4. what a lovely and cute easter card

  5. This is just gorgeous Smita... wonderful... the colors are so muted and pleasing, the bunny is so cute and the vellum is so wonderfully utilized. I think with email and Internet being so easily accessible and completely free, cards have taken a backseat. But don't lose heart. I recently had an exhibition in my building and sold every single card. So maybe people don't go out and buy the regular ones but the handmade ones certainly have their appeal. And when people see something beautiful, like this one, they may very easily be inclined to give a physical card. Thanks so much for playing along ItsyBitsy's Pattern Paper Challenge. All the very best!
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