Saturday, October 5, 2013

DIY supplies tutorial

Hi Friends,

I have been searching for homemade mod podge,modelling paste and mists recipe..and tried making them too...So here is a tutorial on I did it with whatever supplies I had with me .

1.Mod podge:
2 portion Fevicol(or any white pva craft glue) and add one portion of water

2.Modelling paste:
All in same ratio-
Fevicol+white acrylic paint+baby talcum powder


Add few drops of printer ink(whatever color u have ,you can also mix and make different colors from basic colors)+white acrylic paint+little water.
If you want it glimmer one then u can add any matching color fevicryl pearl paints or I added fevicryl mettalic powder  (silver,gold or copper).
Consistency must be not very thin not very thick..and put it in a spray bottle or mini mister.

And I used them on my latest mixed media project...all worked absolutely fine..
Let me know if it works for you and did u like it??

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  1. Thank you so much for the tutorial!! As I am a beginner and don't have any special products for crafting, this tutorial would be a great help.. Thanks once again!! :)
    Ayushi :)

    1. your welcome Ayushi...ur cards are awesome...I am glad my tutorial will help u...

  2. great tips and will make try smita

  3. Awwww....sure an inspirational one Smita...Thanks much for sharing :)

  4. This mist recipe is new too me .Thanks Smita !

  5. thanks for sharing ur receipes....homemade mist is new concept...ll surely try this .

  6. wow this is good. Will try it sometime. Thanks for sharing Smita. I have added this to the 'Tutorials I love' page on my blog

  7. Great tips Smita, I Might try done a few :) by the way... I also ur new follower :D


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